Country singer, Trey Lewis’ is thrilled to release his new single “Little Tired” out now and featured on Taste of Country. The song centres around mental health and Trey’s own journey.

He was encouraged to share it after it took off on Tik Tok with great reactions around the message. Trey says, “Little Tired is something special. I know it’s not for everyone. It’s something that some people need to hear. It’s okay to be depressed or have anxiety. You just have to keep ongoing. Never give up.” Trey also released brand new merch, including a Little Tired tee shirt in which the proceeds will benefit Turning Point Alabama. All merch can be shopped here.

A few months ago, Trey released his new EP Shut The Door that has received tons of accolades where it was featured in New in Country on Apple Music, New Music Friday, New Music Nashville on Spotify, and more.

Trey Lewis successfully redefined the boundaries of country music with his popular song “Dicked Down in Dallas” that caught the attention of millions garnering spotlights from the likes of Billboard, Rolling Stone, Barstool Sports, and more. Trey continued pushing the genre forward with his latest project Shut the Door. The Birmingham, AL native continues to release a diverse mixture of music rooted in his authentic songwriting.

You can tell Trey a lot of things, just don’t tell him to quit and go home. Trey didn’t just go viral on Tik Tok and go play his first show. Trey (+ band) is winning over fans all over the country with his high energy live performances, never ceasing to be anything less than himself. The band has been touring for years playing cover music all over the southeast. That experience and grind have prepared them for this moment, proving his depth far surpasses one hit with much on the horizon. Come see why everyone’s talking about Trey Lewis and he’ll make a believer out of you.

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