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mags returns with five new evocative pop songs. A musical portrait of being in the mid-20’s where big dreams for life and love rules – but also where doubt is still a constant companion.

The skyrocketing pop songs are primarily made in collaboration with the producer’s Birk Nevel, who is also behind a track on the debut album, and Lasse Boman, who is behind several songs with Drew Sycamore among others. The songs span stories about the intoxicating power of infatuation to the feeling of not being able to let go of a broken relationship on ‘what if’. “When I write songs, it feels like I’m taking back the power over some emotions that I can’t control. I can’t control what happens in my love life, but I can control the narrative inside me. So that’s what I do in my music,” mags explains.

The EP also contains the beautiful ‘as long as we’re both breathing’ which is a declaration of love to the close relations where you hold on even when it’s tough and you get furious enemies: “I would like to write an epic love song about that kind of love where you are certain that it is forever. That’s a real sad banger,” mags say.

It has always been the great emotions that filled mags, or Margrethe Tang as stated on her birth certificate. As a teenager, her Jutland hometown Ry felt way too small for the grandiose pop songs that were already pressing from the age of 12.

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After high school mags moved to New York where she couch-surfed and made a living from oatmeal and played at the open-mic scenes around town at night.
“When you come from a small town, New York seems like a magical place where your dreams can come true. I had a CD with some of the songs that I gave to people I met. I thought that was the way to get a record deal,” mags says and laughs.

Back in Denmark, she started working with the producer Birk Nevel. In 2018 she got a record deal and two years later she released her self-titled debut album with a collection of grandiose pop songs that Soundvenue described as “classic, ear-catching pop tales with observant lyrics and a polished production.”

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