Lustrous indie pop EP explores themes such as anxiety, camaraderie, and aspirations

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Cal in Red takes a victory lap on the final single for their sophomore EP: On The Dance Floor.

The aptly named “Corvette” is a speedy assemblage of driving guitars, breakneck beats, and enticing vocals. The song explores healthy aspiration, and obsession, and seeks to find where the line often blurs. It also tests the quicksand of traditional masculinity. The title is a nod to their grandfather’s cherished 1975 Stingray Corvette, which is featured in the music video (as is he):

“It was awesome to see our Grandpa get his acting chops out for the video. I remember getting to drive the corvette exactly one time when I was 16. I was (fucking) terrified. I know how special that car is to Grandpa K. I’m super happy we got to show it off. I hope he is too.” -Kendall Wright

Cal in Red’s Sophomore EP: On The Dance Floor is the culmination of 2022 efforts from brothers Connor and Kendall Wright. It explores anxiety, camaraderie, and the aspirations of the young band as they sonically open the door a bit wider. One of the key tracks, “Replay (Lounge),” has an anchor-like presence with its atmospheric chorus, blazing horns, and road trip charm. A TR909 drum machine and marimba make for a playful outing on the track “Chalk.” The springtime pop of “With Your Hands” gives way to the EP’s sunny closer; an amalgamation of “Can I Call You Tonight” by Dayglow and “Quarterback” by Wallows.

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In August of 2022 Connor and Kendall moved into the same house. This was a big change as most of the recordings for their debut EP involved hour-long treks to record together. “It’s allowed us to really put our collective foot on the gas. It feels like there’s a newfound sense of security and longevity to the project. Feels good,” says Kendall Wright.

The title “On The Dance Floor” is a friendly hoodwink. “We aren’t really dancers,” Connor Wright quipped, “I think we both have exactly one move.” It’s an acknowledgement of both pressure and excitement hitched to the duo’s upsurging. It’s about lacing up for the growing pains which become more exhilarating by the day. Cal in Red is in stride and headed to centre stage.

Upcoming Tour Dates

2/5/23: Grand Rapids, MI. Pyramid Scheme. W/ The Namby Pamby
3/3/23: Marquette, MI. Ore Dock Brewing
3/4/23: Marquette, MI. Ore Dock Brewing
3/7/23: Iowa City, IA Gabe’s Bar
3/8/23: Minneapolis, MN. Underground Music Cafe
3/9/23: Lincoln, NE Grays Keg
3/10/23: Lawrence, KS. Replay Lounge
3/16/23: WFNM in Los Angeles, CA
3/19/23: San Francisco, CA
3/20/23: Portland, OR
3/21/23: Seattle, WA. Tractor Tavern
3/26-26/23: Boise, ID. Treefort Music Fest
3/28/23: Salt Lake City, UT. Quarters (The DLC) w/ Cop Kid and Pale Dream
3/29/23: Denver, CO Skylark Lounge
4/1/23: Grand Rapids, MI

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