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Newcomer, LOR fuses dark-pop production with bold yet vulnerable lyricism and smooth RnB influences to create a unique and current sound that’s both personally authentic and widely relatable.

Based in Toronto, LOR turned to music and songwriting as means of catharsis, finding that a healthy, creative outlet helped her overcome and understand difficult and emotional situations. LOR is no stranger to tough times but her music champions those who triumph over adversity and choose vulnerability over violence. Confident, resilient and versatile, LOR is here to make her mark on the industry. On July 23rd, LOR released her long-awaited debut single, ‘Used To’.

Photographed by Christine Do

Sonically inviting and emotion-filled, the release of ‘Used To’ is accompanied by a stunning, cinematically shot music video directed by Sanjeev Kugan and produced by Paulina Van Schaik. Encompassed in dark, mysterious and alluring melodies, ‘Used To’ narrates the all-too-familiar tale of knowing someone is bad for you but wanting them anyway. It’s about all the broken promises, all the extra chances and all the times you forgave when you know you shouldn’t have.

Written from LOR’s intimate, personal perspective, ‘Used To’ sees the young singer-songwriter bravely divulge her innermost thoughts and feelings over spacious pop production and airy, siren-like harmonies that perfectly demonstrate her powerful artistic range and sweet-yet-eerie vocal tone. Coupled with an intricate, dark piano melody and backed by a melancholy beat, LOR creates a haunting sonic experience that will leave you feeling lovesick on her debut single, ‘Used To.’


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