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This project began 8 months ago as a way to interpret Hounds of Love (a perfect pop song) to its modern cinematic climax.

I wanted to know what the song would sound like with a bassline, more vocal harmony, and of course a 14-piece orchestra while highlighting the key elements that make the song so special.

The soundscape that bookends the track was an experiment; playing into the horror tropes of Kate Bush’s music. But even further, you will find hidden references throughout the track to Kate’s Hounds of Love album at large – The train, german adlibs, thundering toms, and more. At its core, the song centres on being a fugitive of intimacy and has been a talisman of sorts as I navigate the new territory of a late-in-life autism spectrum disorder diagnosis. When that diagnosis came down right before I started this track, I couldn’t have imagined that Kate would be at the top of the charts when it was released, nor the strange parallels this production has to the Stranger Things series. If Running Up That Hill saved Max then Hounds of Love certainly saved me.

Singer-songwriter Randy Bryan hails from rural South Carolina and the Cumberland Mountains of SWVA, but now calls Richmond, Virginia home. In 2021, He found himself working in a local kitchen alongside producer, beat maker, and bass heroine e.flamingo — and thus began a musical friendship for the ages. A partnership forged in the name of sonic exploration and teems with self-indulgent decadence, yet still finds itself boundary-blending and spooky.

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