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Jayla Kai is excited to share her debut EP, Epitome. It is released through new London label, Everybody’s Music, and marks the first body of work by this precocious 18-year-old Woodstock native.

All five tracks are streaming now, and smartly follow the recent release of her crunching single, “Apple Tree” and Kai’s introductory track, “I Can’t Lie.”

Epitome is the sound of an artist quickly in-tune with her writing and finding a distinct voice that is completely her own. In her journey of self-discovery, Kai cites the likes of Fiona Apple and Laura Marling as touchstone artists – artists whose self-possession and desire for exploration she shares.

The songs she shares here are sharp, literate, and expressive on an EP that zips and shuffles; all melody and poetry.

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“‘Paperread’ is vulnerable in two ways: its wandering personal subject material and its stripped-down form. Not far from my original demo, I wrote the song in one long burst, walking up and down my road in the summer of 2019. Mulberries were filling the trees hanging over the road and had fallen onto the pavement which was stained dark purple. I thought about how they only fell when they were ripe, and if they were ripe they easily came off the branch into your fingers or into your mouth. This image gave me the first line.”