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New Zealand’s Nik Brinkman releases ‘Sugarland’ his 2nd dream-pop gem from his first solo album Secret Stairs. ‘Sugarland’ offers hazier fuzzed-out bedroom pop vibes to follow the previous single ‘Candy’.

This album was written between Wellington and Stockholm with longtime friend and collaborator, Emanuel Lundgren (Loney Dear / I’m From Barcelona). During covid lockdown, Nik would send Emanuel voice memo sketches for the songs at the end of the day and Emanuel would send back notes or suggestions by the time Nik woke up. 

Nik Brinkman is a musician/producer and photographer born and based in Wellington, New Zealand. 
Nik has been making music in a number of projects – Junica, Over The Atlantic (Carpark Records), Physical, Psychic Powers and Bright Music. Nik has toured and played shows with Beach House, New Order, Ladyhawke, The Naked And Famous, Foster The People, Soko and Yumi Zouma. Recently, Nik started producing music for others, including Josie Moon, Alma Leta, Beach Blue. 


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