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Drew Price and Chris Trewin met in San Francisco in 2010 but only started collaborating on what would become Tralala in April of 2020.

Their early demos got the attention of James Doviak (Johnny Marr’s producer and bandmate), who is now handling the final mixing of their songs and acting as a mentor as they work on their debut album, which is slated for a spring 2022 release.

Musically, Tralala takes their cues from the bands they grew up with through the ’80s, ’90s, and early ’00s. Chris’s post-punk bass lines meld with power-pop guitar solos, retro synths and frenetic drums… all intertwined with Drew’s layered vocal melodies.

Their first single, “Out of Line” melds a deep bass groove with eerie synths and Drew’s plaintive, dissociated vocal, before everything drops, then lifts off. “Get Up (Just Don’t Lie to Me)” was their second single release and featured a catchy-doo wop guest vocal part from Whitney Miley Price (Drew’s wife) and fetched comparisons to Slowdive, The Cardigans, Bowie, and the Pixies.

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“Like You” is their most confident release yet, evoking bands like Television, Interpol, and a more psychedelic version of The National. It begins with a dreamlike synth intro and then quickly evolves into a pulsing, rhythmic groove that ebbs and flows into a climactic outro.

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