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Bianca Jazmine’s new genre-bending single “Pain’s Got a Rhythm” unveils the struggles of dealing with mental health issues and the cycles of abuse.

Like music and all of nature, there is a rhythm and cycle to everything. These cycles are explored through various textures in the track, as Jazmine details the feelings of helplessness and self-awareness in situations where one feels trapped.

Jazmine fearlessly explores dark themes in an energetic and anthemic style with the new alt-pop single “Pain’s Got a Rhythm.” Bianca Jazmine is an indie rock singer-songwriter & band with an insightful message to advocate for peace, empathy, and unity. She hopes to encourage everyone to embrace their individuality, and use their unique personalities and ideas to help others and bring the world together. Jazmine’s ability to roll through testing times with grace & growth shows in her songwriting; remaining vulnerable & honest in her lyrics without victimization or resentment.

Bianca Jazmine has performed all over the U.S., originally from South Florida and now located in Los Angeles. Jazmine has been featured on dozens of radio stations, including Shake 94’s Local Love Live show on 94.3 FM in Miami multiple times, and has been showcased as their Artist of the Week. She has also received Best Music Video for “You’ll Find Love”, and Best Vocal Performance for “The Key” during IndieCon 2019, as well as receiving the 2018 Oski Award for Singer-Songwriter of the Year.

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Bianca Jazmine’s unique, powerful vocals combined with her thought-provoking messages come together to form a remarkable experience. Along with her smooth yet energetic voice, Bianca Jazmine wields multiple instruments including the piano, ukulele, guitar, and flute. Her fascination with critical thought and emotion, combined with art and expression, has moved her to share her ideas about the world through music.


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