Llawgne (pro: Luv-nyay) is the brainchild of Gothenburg Sweden’s Mathias Engwall, who has been gathering praise with his impressive dream-pop singles releases over the last few years.

This powerful new single ‘Oh Juliana’ brings forward masterful chiming distorted guitars that are a literal 90’s grunge and shoegaze crush. With an armful of global blog praise on late 2020’s single ‘Reverie Neverending’, early 2021’s ‘Golden Soul’ and with ‘Oh Juliana’ – llawgne’s upcoming debut album Nevereveries is something to be excited about.

Mathias Engwall is a record producer, mixer and mastering engineer in Gothenburg. He has done remixes for artists such as Loney Dear, recently collaborated with David Ahlen, half of electropop duo CYAMO, and a pocketful of other musical collaborations over the years. In 2019, ‘The White In Its Eyes’, a dreamy pop song that found its way onto the Swedish PSL Top 20 and several major playlists. It was a showcase of ambitions for strong melodies within a soundscape balanced with beauty and noise. His single ‘Love + Somebody’ was described as “Sonic Youth meets Chris Isaak”. In 2020, llawnge started a partnership with Brooklyn based label Declared Goods to bring single ‘Reverie Neverending’ to more global ears. This led to more singles with a buzz coming from Savantmusikmagasin, Hymn, Brooklynvegan, Austin Town Hall, Mystic Sons, Backseat Mafia, Breakthru Radio, Hymn, White-Light/White-Heat , and radio tastemakers globally.

With its obvious sonic crush on 90’s grunge and shoegaze guitar bands, Engwall’s inspiration to ‘Oh Juliana’ goes an extra step. Matthias states, ‘Oh Juliana’ is a song about falling in love with a famous person – you get a crush on the public persona, not the real person. It’s the safest kind of love – you will never meet them and you can never let each other down.” So who is this crush on? He continues, ”Oh and Juliana is, Juliana Hatfield that I have a very safe distant crush on. I stole the whole nineties grunge sound from her. I love you Juliana!”

Llawgne’s new single ‘Oh Juliana’ on the debut album Nevereveries on Declared Goods.


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