Completing her debut EP, “Ready, Set, Go”, UK based artist, Silvre [sil·vuh], bursts back onto the scene with her latest single “Puppet on a String” – expounding the corruption and toxicity of the corporate business world.

Continuing to deliver her powerful, incomparable style with haunting vocals on top of dark pop beats and heavy baselines, Puppet on a string is the final piece of the emotional and incisive story fans have come to expect from this new talent. The song acts to connect with listeners who have experienced the negativity of an ever-corrupt and challenging corporate world.

“This track was inspired by my own experiences of working for companies that don’t look after the people who work so hard for them, for such little gain…” she explains. “Big corporations have the power to help solve many of the wider problems in our societies. However, it’s too clear that profit comes before people and the world is suffering, as a result. It is time for those in charge of these companies to look at themselves and rethink how they treat their people. It’s time for us to break free of the chains big businesses create for society. It’s time for change.”

Drawing from a rich back catalogue of sounds, Silvre finds inspiration from alternative artists such as Banks and FKA Twigs – hoping to draw listeners into her glittering musical realm. With support from FMS Magazine, The Stumble Upon and FAME Magazine for her shimmering soundscapes, Silvre’s ambition is to highlight and remove unrealistic expectations of society and vanity and make the world a better place, for all. Her journey has only just begun.