Ruth Mac is a singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from the west coast of Ireland, now based in Berlin, Germany.

With a penchant for lush, textured guitars and catchy melodic hooks, her sound dances at an intersection of indie-rock, alt-soul and dream pop. Mac grew up in Kinvara, a seaside village steeped in traditional Irish and folk music and began playing in this world with local musicians at a young age. Though her sound continues to develop and explore new territories, these origins live on in an arresting vocal style rich in 70s folk-esque character.

After a year of being locked down and working hard behind the scenes, Mac is on the cusp of bursting back armed with her debut EP Living Room. Written and recorded between a makeshift studio in her parent’s garden in Kinvara and her Berlin studio, the four-track release fittingly explores a changing concept of home and belonging which evolved in the move from Galway to Berlin. Glazed in luscious production and retro folk-rock aesthetics, the EP is out now through Beth Shalom Records.