LYDMOR is a critically acclaimed and award-winning Danish artist. She’s notoriously known for always delivering a magical blend of challenging visual shows and combining them with her mesmerizing conceptual electropop.

“This is a song about realizing the fact that love is right there in front of you and doesn’t have to be so damn complicated. I personally love how the tune mingles with the lyric. Especially the part where the morning tide rolls your body to the shore, and you figure out that you’re already exactly where you should be. I’ve added so much love and tenderness to this little cocktail of a song that the glass almost runs over and it becomes a tide of its own”

Jenny Rossander aka LYDMOR

JENNY ROSSANDER has also composed original scores for theatre. Her theatre debut was a modern version of the Greek tragedy Oresteia and in 2022 she will compose the score for a theatre production of George Orwell’s Animal Farm at the Betty Nansen Theater in Copenhagen.

LYDMOR debuted back in 2012 with ’A Pile of Empty Tapes’. Since then, she has become a renowned live artist who has toured heavily in both Asia and most of Europe including the UK.

She’s anything but the typical radio- or streaming artist but her persistence and strong belief in her own voice and art have made LYDMOR one of the absolute most interesting female acts to come out of Denmark.

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