Moss Tongue is an American alternative rock band formed in the fall of 2019 by childhood friends, Al DeRito (Drums), Rich Rodovalho (Bass/Vocals), and Max Harrison (Guitar/Vocals) in the South Shore of Massachusetts.

Growing up in the aftermath of the Boston Hardcore scene, the band pulls influence from the sounds of grunge, post-hardcore, emo and shoegaze. Although live music came to a halt over the pandemic, Moss Tongue shifted focus to the writing and recording of their debut EP titled, “Heaven, You’re Almost Here” (recorded and produced by Marcus Simonini of Another One Down! and mastered by Mat Kerekes of Citizen).

In the spring of 2021, Brian Carpenter joined the band (Guitar) right as live music was reintroduced in New England. Moss Tongue has played in a variety of spaces, ranging from DIY houses to dive bars, pubs, and most recently, at the Palladium Upstairs in Worcester, MA. Moving forward, the band will continue to play shows while demoing the beginning stages of their freshman LP.