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After a short hiatus from gigging and any new releases, The Kurfew return with the exciting, energetic track ‘Maria’.

Lead singer and writer Isaac says there was no original plan to write, record, or perform this song, it organically grew into something through the connection of creatives, this being a dressing room before a show in which Isaac was messing about with some random chords, leading him to come up with the lyric ‘Maria, take me a hand, take my love’ this soon became something in which multiple people joined in with.

After a few runs of the song Isaac then sat down and began to think of a meaning for the song that then led him to change the lyric from my take my hand to take my drugs. He says in writing this song he realised that this idealistic person called ‘Maria’ is a lover that fully understands you and is there to pull you out of the dirt when life hits rock bottom, linking to the lyric ‘take my drugs’. While also discovered that this song not only focuses on this idealistic lover that saves the person in need but also highlights the energy and impulsivity of living life as a young person. After creating this newfound lyric he took back the next day on the final show and played it again in the dressing room this time with many more people bringing in the strong chant element. This soon spread, making it extremely catchy and popular with many people.

The song itself was written and recorded within a week, the chant was created on a Wednesday, with the lyrics fully written by Friday and then recorded in the studio on a Sunday. Every member of the band agrees that the recording process of ‘Maria’ was by the far the most exciting, energetic, and quickest recording of anything they’ve previously released. The band say that the process, recording, and build-up to this single have been the most exciting while also the most collaborative so far and the support from everyone has been incredible.

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Inspired by the early 2000s indie rock scene, The Kurfew’s music gets heads turning with poetically driven lyrics and bouncy melodies that focus on growing up in towns that lack any excitement, love, loss, or occasional heartbreak from the third perspective, along with the impulsivity of living life on the cusp between a young person and adulthood.


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