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Djakarta is the musical partnership between brothers Raphaël and Tristan Stuart.

The French-Australian duo has carved an interesting niche for themselves, finding cross-continental fandom and radio play for their sweetly melancholic pop songs. Produced in their Paris studio by Stan Neff (Polo & Pan, Lilly Wood & The Prick), Djakarta’s latest single Looking For Attention accelerate their momentum even further – enlisting Hawaiian Yogi songstress Keilimei.

Following on from last year’s Any Open Door (a song well worth checking out if you missed it), Looking For Attention is a superlative marriage of music and lyrics… an examination of singlehood, fear of commitment, and the false sense of freedom that comes with habitual one-night-stands. Using its male and female vocal counterparts to present alternating points of view, the song takes an honest look at a universal situation.

Released on the brothers’ own label LyreBirds Records, Looking For Attention dances the line between pop music and social commentary – juxtaposing contemporary rhythms with offbeat folk guitar. Looking For Attention is both playful and deliberately flirty; toying with the listener through suggestive come-hither lyrics and an alluring dual vocal delivery.

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As with Any Open Door, Looking For Attention is accompanied by an equally-essential film clip. Written by Djakarta, and directed by KickSama and Rusalka, the video interplays dating app culture with classic arcade games… illustrating the flippant nature (and ultimately meaningless scoreboard) that comes with competitive singledom. Something fun, but eventually unfulfilling.

By working with high calibre talents like Keilimei, KickSama, Rusalka and Baptiste Perrin, Djakarta is elevating their music to the next level. From the iconic cityscape of Paris to the wide-open spaces of Australia, Raphaël and Tristan draw inspiration from the world around them and channel it into song. As such, Djakarta is more than just a music project for the Stuart brothers… it is the physical and spiritual journey of their lives.


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