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Some music is just straight-up beautiful. From the shimmer of its opening guitar to its full-flight crescendo, Old – the debut single from WA band Little Guilt – cascades beauty like a waterfall. Introducing the world to the buttery voice of Ella Melton, Old is as strong an opening as a band could hope for; setting the stage for a bright career to come.

Like most new acts, this one began in a suburban bedroom. Formed by lead guitarist Joe Knowles, Little Guilt steadily grew as each new member joined: bassist Jarrod Rumble, drummer Brady Keirnan, keyboardist Lachlan Thomson, and singer Ella Melton. From there, the band did what bands do: they started making music.

Cutting their teeth playing local shows, Little Guilt soon found themselves ready to record. Captured in all its glory by freelance engineer Dylan Keirnan, Old is overflowing with the band’s irresistible summery vibe. Beyond its heartwarming lyrics and effortlessly cool melodies, Little Guilt chose Old as their first single for the purest of reasons…it makes them feel good.

“Old was one of the first songs I’ve ever written and It’s crazy how much it has adapted over time,” Melton explains. “It’s about being scared of growing old alone. I think the lyrics are really sweet and simple in the chorus. It’s so easy to sing along to, which is what we love the most about it! This is our absolute favourite song to play live as it’s so much fun and it just makes us feel so good on stage.”

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