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Renowned Danish artist and songwriter, Mads Koch, is set to release his first single from an upcoming debut album that celebrates acoustic instrumentation with lyrics from within. The slow-rocking vibe of ‘The Lake’ revolves around the triviality of death and is a declaration of love to everyday life.

Hear the car keys hit the pavement, as your eyes turn to the sky, in the driveway on a Wednesday, you’ll be saying your goodbyes.

The chorus of ‘The Lake’ paints a picture of how life might suddenly reach its endpoint. An ordinary everyday situation, on one’s way to the car in the driveway. Accompanied by soft sounds, slide guitar and finger play, Mads Koch tells a story of life and death:

“I think a lot of us can gain a richer and more beautiful existence by practising an openhearted approach to the transience of life. Not that we necessarily need to dwell on anxious contemplations about death but in a way where we can get through this fear by surrendering to it. This is why ‘The Lake’ is a declaration of love to the little, quiet and seemingly uneventful situations, that our days and lives actually is made of,” Mads Koch explains.

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‘The Lake’ is recorded and produced in collaboration with friend and producer, Natureboy, and it was the very first step towards making the upcoming album entitled, ‘Fingers’.

Most Danes already know the music of Mads Koch who had great success as the lead singer in the indie-rock band, Kiss Kiss Kiss (2006-13), and he’s a renowned songwriter and producer working with artists such as Mø, Jada and Goss. But now he has written a full album for himself.

“’ Fingers’ is a declaration of love to the acoustic and clean sounds of instruments in an orchestral setting. The songs find themselves in a field between hope, calm and gloominess, while the lyrics reflect the thoughts that take up a lot of space inside me,” he finishes.


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