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Mari Conti is an Italian singer-songwriter, who over the years has worked with various international musicians and singers including American guitarist Gary Lucas with whom she wrote ‘You Will See My Flame Again,’ an unreleased song dedicated to a great Lucas’ friend, well-renowned singer, songwriter and guitarist, the late Jeff Buckley.

A decisive meeting for Mari’s career has been the one with Mozez ( Osmond Wright), the frontman with the million-selling Zero 7 with whom she co-wrote in 2011 her debut album ‘Gentle Beauty’, a collection of 12 songs produced by Mozez for his record label Numen Records. Free, the second single from the album has been re-mixed by the Uk DJ/producer Ray Mang (Gorillaz, Freddy Mercury, Roxy Music, Shirley Bassey etc).

Mari also wrote a number of disco tracks in collaborations with DJs and producers such as Milo Shapar ( Just a Fool), Claudio Fiore ( Eternal), WA ( Tell Me Why), Goldlounge Michele Felloni ( Like A Feather). After almost ten years since the release of Mari’s first album Gentle Beauty, a new album called Invisible Things is out now.

It contains 11 tracks written by the Italian singer-songwriter with Mozez and produced by himself for Numen Records ( distributed by Fuga). Since 2020 few tracks in the album have been released as singles such as Hangin’ On A Kiss ( a version of this song have been remixed by Uk producer Tom Quick), Live Now, New Dawn, Shine On Me, Chances and a cover of the late Italian singer-songwriter Lucio Battisti, Amarsi Un Po’.

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Invisible Things, the new album, contains eleven multi-dimensional songs – including a cover of the famous “Amarsi Un Po ” by the late Italian songwriter Lucio Battisti. It speaks of darkness and light, that invisible connection between all of us.

The title track, in particular, is a reflection on all the intangible things of life that are part of our existence and that guide us silently towards our destiny:

There are those who call them coincidences, while others define them as small miracles: these events seem to happen by chance but, adding them together in their chronological manifestation, they give the impression of having been written for us long ago and influence, for better or for worse, the course of events.


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