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How do we combat the struggle and maintain our strength to go back out into a world that appears to be against us all the time?

Working as a bartender at the solebar in my small town, I witnessed many people coping with life’s ups and downs.

There were two people I saw meet, one much older than another, who had a one night stand that led to their lives spiralling out of control. They were having a child yet wanted nothing to do with each other.

They vented about their situation at the bar and I remember hearing one of them saying they felt like they were being cloned, which felt so clinical.

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That line stuck with me and led to the writing of “Kicks,” an energetic and raw piece of alt-rock. This song asks what your personal definition of sanity, loneliness, and happiness are in our current climate. The video for “Kicks'” is a contemporary take on an old theme: the downward spiral of a heroine’s struggle in life.

It’s human nature to want to get your rocks off – gotta get your “Kicks” while you still can.