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Imad is a 21-year-old artist and visionary based between Beirut, Lebanon and London, UK. Imad blends his Middle Eastern and African heritage with Melodic Techno and Deep House, to produce a unique sonic soundscape.

His music delves into who he is as both an artist and individual, unveiling stories about his life experiences, emotions and cultural identity, all woven together with an underlying mood of melancholy mixed with hope and love.

His latest single “Makan” was originally written as a submission for entry at Point Blank Music School in London but was later rewritten with artist Samia, following the devastating explosion in Beirut. The artist confides, “That was a turning point for a lot of people in the country, as the general economic, social and quality of life in Lebanon had been rapidly declining. It was after that that we revisited it once more, dedicating it to the relationship a lot of us have with Lebanon.”

“Makan” narrates the story about being forced to leave home for a better life and being torn apart from the feeling of having to leave or stay. Remember the people you love, the many faces that hold sad stories of life in your hometown (Beirut). The song features Samia’s smooth English vocals mixed with subtle Arabic poetry which translate to, “I will always remember them, Whilst crying and yearning, Whenever I close my eyes, I see the same place.”

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Imad continues, “The past year living in Lebanon has been extremely tough, with constant blackouts, wifi crashes, fuel crisis, economic collapse, it was very challenging to keep productive and be inspired. But it’s through these moments where you learn the most about yourself, your craft and appreciate the small things in life.”

With throbbing beats, undulating synths and layered, haunting vocals, “Makan” emits an overall hypnotic release. Hints of his multicultural upbringing are evident throughout the track, with an array of different instrumentation such as djembes, kora, oud and mbira, being mixed with his love of electronic music and analogue synthesizers.

With a growing catalogue reaching 50 million streams and receiving support from the likes of Martin Garrix, Jonas Blue, Lost Frequencies and more, Imad’s music has been taking the electronic scene by storm, aired on Triple J, Sirius XM, and On Air with Ryan.

Imad’s passion for music extends even further with the announcement of his own record label, Evil Eye. By building his own label, the artist is able to showcase talents from the Middle East, allowing their music to reach international audiences.


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