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The heartbeat of cult pop song masters, Bent Cousin. Amelia, Fintan and Patrick met with me to discuss the release of their two new super evocative tunes on Team Love records: ‘Time Will Tell’ and ‘Toss of a Coin’.

Bentcousin interview by Iain Quince

I’ve booked a booth and ordered drinks. Amelia chose a ‘Waikiki’, Patrick, a large ‘Gimlet’ and Fintan is having a very colourful ‘Tears of the Tiki’. I’m on the soda water.

Quince: So, Amelia, tell me about the new tracks.

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Amelia: (Takes long drink of the Waikiki, eyes glaze slightly) Writing songs is like … writing Birthday cards, you know, you think it’s witty, then you’re reminded by a voice that you wrote the same thing ten years running.

Quince: Exactly!

Amelia: Exactly is it, I mean, do you think even Smoky Robinson could tell which ones were hits, which were filler, and if he did, which he didn’t, why did he give so many away to other artists? (Gazes into middle distance). Maybe he was just nice.

Fintan: (Has been staring into his Tears of the Tiki the whole time, leans over and whispers something to Amelia).

Amelia: For example, Tears of a Clown was in fact a three-year-old album track, and if it weren’t for a member of the UK Motown Fan Club like lobbying for it to be a single, it could easily have been overlooked and joined countless other Motown classics, tucked up and away on albums that receive limited play. (Amelia sighs).

I feel we’re moving slightly away from topic, so I pause, but Amelia is now relating a story about visiting George Michael’s house in the country, though she doesn’t seem to be talking to anyone in particular. At this point, Fintan, who has finished his Tiki, turns to me.

Fintan: You know Chrisp Street Market?

Quince: Er, yes.

Fintan: I’m trying to find out which of the two pie and mash shops is the best, it’s a real hidden gem that market, you know, needs a bit of uplift if you ask me. Might get one soon actually. People say Maureen’s is the best but I don’t know, can I trust my own judgement? Can any of us?

Quince: Er…

Fintan: I’m off to feed my face man, see you in a month, great talking.

At this point, I realise that Patrick isn’t here, though his drink is half empty. His absence is unexplained.

Amelia: Shall we talk about the songs now?

Quince: (Relieved and beaming) Yes!

At this point, Amelia wanders outside to the hustle and bustle of Park Lane, seemingly distracted by a West Highland Terrier and enters into a deep conversation with the owner. I look at my watch and find that two hours have passed. It’s time to get the train back to Swindon. I’m not sure that we have covered all the points from my notes. I finish Patrick’s Gimlet and head out.

Listen to those new songs from Bent Cousin and any doubts you may have will dissolve like strong bones in a Tears of a Tiki.


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