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Vancouver alt-pop group Ludic has just released “Judge Me,” the first single off their debut EP out now.

“Judge Me,” marks the first time that guitarist Ayla Tesler-Mabe has joined bassist/lead vocalist Max Cunningham on vocals, to create a velvety smooth duet.

This song was written about feeling lonely in a relationship and feeling like you can’t do anything right. Your constant effort to try and change is not working and is instead being met with more criticism by your partner. While intended to be helpful, being constantly criticized also hurts.

“The song tackles what it’s like to recognize harmful patterns in a romantic relationship,” Max Cunningham explains. “And the determination to mend all that is wrong because you are committed to your love for that person.”

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This song is a step forward for Ludic – while it retains the quirky and offbeat sound of their previous releases, there is an undeniable maturity that permeates their new work.


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