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Alt. Pop artist Kayla DiVenere instantly hooks listeners on her contagiously energetic single, “PSYCHOPATH”. “PSYCHOPATH” finds itself somewhere between the stylings of Olivia Rodrigo and Avril Lavigne, yielding an undeniably catchy and impassioned pop anthem.

Gritty, hypnotic guitar weaves between DiVenere’s crystal clear vocals in the verse before taking flight with an effervescent, distorted synth lead in the chorus. At its core, “PSYCHOPATH” is this singer-songwriter’s portrayal of her experience dealing with the frustrations of dating as a Gen Zer. Stopping things before they start to spare oneself the devastation of heartbreak; a coping mechanism rooted in uncertainty and insecurity many people are all too familiar with.

DiVenere makes her way through a dreamy arcade in this music video; the artist confronts a deep-rooted fear of commitment head-on as she battles with herself on various games representing an inner quarrel with self-sabotage. The artist makes a clever, relatable representation of the insecurities that so many of us deal with throughout our lives in this music video. As DiVenere moves through the arcade, her inability to settle on a game goes hand in hand with her difficulty to commit to, and ultimately signifying, her past failed relationships. She perfectly captures the complexities inherent to dating after heartbreak with a playfully charming delivery. This track is for anyone who can’t shake the fear of heartbreak; you’re not alone. 

Bursting back onto the scene with another exquisitely addictive new single, 17-year-old actor, singer-songwriter and social media star Kayla DiVenere returns with ‘PSYCHOPATH’. Having built a loyal online following over the last year, which currently stands at almost 110,000 followers on Instagram, over a million collective streams on Spotify, Kayla is making huge waves right now, making ‘Justin Bieber’ her biggest release to date garnering 1.5 million views on Youtube. Kayla’s penchant for the arts was apparent from a very young age and she soon took to acting, where she appeared on several hit TV shows.

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Best known for her roles on “Law & Order”, Hulu’s “Love Victor” & Hulu’s “Light as a Feather” as well as feature films such as “Under the Silver Lake”, Kayla DiVenere is an actress that is taking over televisions around the US. The multi-talented star is taking advantage of every opportunity that comes her way and her success has not gone unnoticed. Despite the huge success she met through acting, her desire to pursue music intensified as she explored other instruments such as the guitar, ukulele, and drums. It wasn’t until Kayla really immersed herself in the world of music that she discovered the art of songwriting, since then her career has taken off.


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