Ottomatick (born Gaige Otto Hermanson) came to music by way of science.

Beginning his career testing children for food intolerances and eventually losing funding for a passion project intent on changing the world, he left behind the politically wrought field in search of something more. He travelled the world moving through Central and South America, finding himself inspired by the people and the places he saw along the way. Through poetry and a chance meeting with a Shaman, he discovered his next path; facilitating healing through hip-hop music — a medicine no one can regulate. And Ottomatick was born.

The “Wait A Minute” track featuring Wild Hypnotik dives deep into a scenario many of us know all too well — intense love that culminates in toxic behaviour. The trilling beat mixes with Wild Hypnotiks sly, warm vocals to wash over both synth and piano for a haunting collision of sonic ups and downs.

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Ottomatick effortlessly defines where the line between healthy and toxic breaks, simmering in pain but calling out for more. In the coinciding video, the musicians undulate in red light surrounded by fire, an easy connection to watching your relationship and self-control burn to the ground simultaneously. As the two get trapped behind bars yet still yearn for each other, they showcase the perfect visual representation of toxic love.

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