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The Copenhagen guitarist and songwriter teams up with newcomer, Lleoh, on the captivating new single, ‘Feels Right’, out now! Together, they cruise through the night on a cinematic pop tune – a celebration of the outsider in all of us.

When Freddy Madson debuted earlier this year, it was an introduction to a musical universe that’s both evocative and enchantingly catchy. ‘Hanging in the Air’ told a brutally honest story about broken promises and distrust – a song that, when writing it, eventually made Madson regain strength and belief in himself, bringing his mind and music back on track.

On ‘Feels Right’, we find Freddy Madson with his beloved guitar in his hands – a new single, once again showing honesty from the independent Danish artist.

“Imagine a club with an irresistible dancefloor full of seemingly amazing people you wish you were partying amongst. But you don’t dance like them or fit their dress code and the music is anything but your taste. Anyway, here you are, considering to compromise with oneself to be part of the crowd. ‘Feels Right’ is about being true to who you are. It celebrates the outsider in every single one of us – all the flaws and peculiarities that make you and me unique and beautiful in our very own way,” Freddy Madson says.

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‘Feels Right’ is the sound of a night drive with Freddy Madson. Danish newcomer, Lleoh, rides shotgun and as the two drive beneath the flashing neon lights of the big city, the pulsating beat and deep bass, make the song and chorus escalate and take off…

“’Feels Right’ came at the right moment. Doing it with Lleoh gave me the courage and made me let go of any doubt in relation to whether this song would suit me or feel right, ha! Besides being a truly gifted singer, Lleoh also became the metaphor of an inner voice or the person you need, to be set free,” Madson explains.

‘Feels Right’ follows the release of ‘Hanging in the Air’ which was featured by more than 15 international music sites and blogs. ‘Feels Right’ is out on the independent label, Only Child, out now.


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