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A personal and storytelling anthem for Anxiety sufferers made to spread awareness, bridge the gap between the affected and unaffected, and help and rejoice with each other despite our differences. Mental Health is real and this record is here to propel the awareness of Anxiety!

The latest project from Endustrie (Curtis & Doug Prez) has been the most complex and diverse release to date. In 2022 Endustrie embarked on taking a collaborative effort to the next level by inviting other producers to add their creative influences into remixing their song called “Anxiety”. 

These producers ranged from all parts of the globe to see this project through. The producers that contributed to the remixes were Endustrie, Rob Perez, (Helveitca Effect), Matt Black, Valoramous, Polarsphere, Master Wiz (Distant Pham), & Dreaming Out Noise. 

The primary vocalist featured in the original mix and remixes is Sammie Beare, T-Bolt (The Lyers), Reality (Distant Pham), Tron (The Lyers). Additional guest vocalists included were RahQel, (The Lyers), Lisa Haley (Blood of Lilith), & L’Mont 

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The additional musicians featured on the original mix and remixes were Kathleen Cox, Chris Riot (Endustrie & Nick Horton), & Jason Adams (Dim Existence).



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