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You will easily be seduced by this new song of Zoeys. Be With Me, is Zoey Jones’ latest release via her own record label Love Struck Records.

The song is about lust and the present moment of being with a new flame, waking up by their side, and longing for those new, magical moments to never end. Be With Me, is a smooth, hypnotic, Chill Lounge/ Balearic, Deep house track. Produced by Zoey herself, she incorporates many smooth pads and sustained chords to catch that dreamy, mystical vibes, that seem to be her signature mark.

With her layered harmonies and Sade-like vocals, alongside her cool beats, This new track, will again easily transport you to a tropical island looking out onto a stunning Seaview. Be With Me, brings magic from her story of living in Bali to the song.

With the introduction of the track, being the traditional Balinese Handpan. That, alongside her hypnotic vocals, creates a stunning intro to the song. This is the first release of Zoey’s upcoming album, so be prepared and follow her musical over the next few months.

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There will be a lot more magic coming from Zoey…


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