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ROSS 248 is a South Korean music producer/songwriter, named after a small star in the northern constellation of Andromeda, with the hope of discovering a star deep within the heart of the audience.

The songs written and produced by ROSS 248 bear a unique essence and demonstrate the voices of various vocalists. A decade of an influential journey across Liverpool gave her music career a boost and helped her establish her own genre, which was a re-interpretation of indie pop and electronic.

The second single ‘Sunshower’ took inspiration from the view from her flat window in Liverpool when the sun was
shining through the rain. The combination of colours between grey, ivory and green during a sun shower, became
a muse for ROSS 248 to create a song with a mixed melancholy-happiness feeling. To drive the meaning through to the song, the lyrics express the change in feelings and outlook after falling in love. The chorus, ‘I got caught in the sun shower of you, it glides my colourless day’ describes that specific moment when positivity surges over the
usual empty feeling we get from regular life. ROSS 248 elaborates,

“Our mindset could be changed and influenced by someone who you love. It brings some changes in our lives and actually, this can be from anyone who you care about.”

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‘Sunshower’ is written, produced and mixed by ROSS 248 and recorded in her bedroom with several musicians
worldwide. It is performed by Liverpool singer-songwriter, Liam Brown (vocal), Audun Loading (bass) and Seunghwan Kim (guitar). When they were recording, they added their own unique styles to blend effortlessly with the drum beat, synths and keys performed by ROSS 248.

It has a chilled and laid-back atmosphere with background synths, slow-funky slap bass and chorus guitar. The featured artist Liam Brown delivers the lyrics with his exclusive style and the song finishes with an electric keyboard solo, imitating the atmosphere when the sun comes out as the rain begins to end.


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