Earlier this week, we stumbled upon the nostalgic and wonderfully heartfelt sounds of Gray Days, an enigmatic artist from the Central Coast of New South Wales, Australia.

Armed with a unique and timeless style, Gray Days captured our attention with the release of his debut album, ‘Drifting’, and since then, he’s gone from strength to strength.

One of the album’s true and undeniable highlights, ‘Searching’ has become a firm favourite among Gray Days’ fans, and today, it’s available as a brilliant standalone single. A brilliant nine-track release, ‘Drifting’ was released on the 22nd of April to quiet acclaim, delivering a soft, expressive, and disarming sound that shines with sincerity, authenticity, and plenty of sharp acoustic moments.

Released with the help of an impressive roster of musicians such as Michael Greville and Adam Church, along with young vocalists Pearl Burdon, Audrey Greville, and Polly Trevelyen, the album has become a perfect encapsulation of Gray Day’s musical style. In ‘Searching’, Gray Days have unveiled a touching ode to his wife Joanne, presenting a heartfelt acoustic track that is personal, poetic, and reflective in every possible way.

Offering a balanced and introspective melody that is filled with sounds of yesteryear, the song is a perfect blend of heart and sound, and everyone deserves to hear it. Shining through the haze of everyday life, ‘Searching’ is a rare and emotive piece that will have you entranced. It’s wonderfully orchestrated and perfectly delivered, making it the perfect introduction for those not yet familiar with Gray Day’s immersive sound.