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“There were these phone calls in the middle of the night. Molly was dead. We had just gotten back to talking again, putting the past in place, cracking jokes about the old days when we played at CBGBs.”

Marco North, the voice behind Martin Ruby explains. Just a day before, he had begun writing a new single, where a few scribbled lines sat on the page – “She never slept in the Chelsea Hotel. But she bought an old guitar, just ‘round the corner.”

In the wake of unexpected loss, this turned into Rusty Trucks and Daisies, a tribute to an old bandmate that lived a mysterious life, full of contradictions and left turns. The track mirrors this, without being saccharine or morose. This is a song about the survivors, as much as the ones who went too soon. Yes, Molly died because of Covid, but Marco is singing about much more than that. Recorded in his trademark stripped-down, unaffected aesthetic, described as “the moonlight gravel-grinding of Nick Cave and the macabre outré of Tom Waits” (Vents Magazine) Marco pulled out all of the stops – playing acoustic guitar, mandolin, bass, piano, harmonica, drums and an eclectic collection of samples.

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The track was mastered by none that than Oz Fritz, a celebrated engineer who has recorded and mixed for Tom Waits (Mule Variations), Iggy Pop, Bill Laswell, and the Ramones.


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