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The Copenhagen DIY-pop artist is going to bless those warm, dreamy and melancholy Summer nights with her debut album, ‘Casa Fantasia’.

Her voice is soulful, the sound is vibrant yet dreamy while her lyrics has got the attitude of the streets. Mercedess is, in many ways, an exciting and complex DIY-pop artist – and this Summer, she follows up on the Danish radio hit single, ‘Obvious’, and the internationally acclaimed, ‘Back to Business’, with the release of her debut album!

Photo credit: Alona Vibe

“’Casa Fantasia’ is an album about longing for closeness and honesty. These songs are an escape from reality – a place to feel free and be yourself. Writing it, was a personal journey and process to me, that hopefully will make space for creativity, art and emotions for others too,”

Mercedess says

The lead single of the album, ‘Summer’s Already Gone’, is about falling in love – not with a person but with the whole amazing adventure of Summer that always comes to a brutal end. This “seasonal heartbreak” is brought to life on a lo-fi Bondesque pop tune letting Mercedess’ husky but truly velvet voice melt with muted trumpets, breakbeats, and flirty acoustic guitars and lively strings.

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“I wanted to write a song that could represent both the fearlessness of the magical Summer days and the truly blue sadness of the re-occurring love story it actually is when Summer eventually comes to an end. I know it’s a heartbreaking, melancholy feeling but it’s also everything I love about Summer,” Mercedess tells about the song that she wrote in her living room with Danish indie superstar, Goss, and the guitarist Søren Breum. ‘Summer’s Already Gone’ is produced by the critically acclaimed artist, Vera.

Earlier this year, Mercedess – who runs her own label, Big Benz Records – created a buzz with the single, ‘Obvious’, claiming a “Song of the Week” on national Danish radio P3. ‘Back to Business’ followed the release and was met with international praise and support from sites like COLORS and Ones to Watch.


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