Initially, the bedroom recording project of Frank Corr (based in Providence, RI at the time), Morning Silk has since bolstered their sound, building a recording studio since relocating to NYC.

Working with producers such as Matthew Lancaster, Eamon Ford, Robert Norris, and Caroline Sans, Morning Silk will deliver a debut self-titled record this year. Starting with a KEXP premiere of the album’s lead single “Don’t Try Hard Enough,” the record begins to explore a future with the addition of heavy synths and synth bass in the sonic palette.

“Skin” represents the fourth single from the forthcoming album. “This is our Indie Pop anthem about trying to chase your dreams and pay your rent,” Corr says.

“I lost a lot of work due to Covid, so I started writing music again. We opened up songs from six years ago and finished one of them. This sort of set in motion a new sonic palette for us. For some reason, the words “pay the rent,” kept popping into my head. So with a simple melody, we put “pay the rent” over some heavy synth bass sounds. I wanted this bass line to sort of have an energy of its own, so Matt, Rob, and I listened to some DirtBike for inspiration.”