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Haunting 3rd single from Erasing Grace tells a deeply personal story of the limbo between life and death.

Collaborating with multi-instrumentalist and producer Pluto Sun (real name, Karl McCann), fans of ambient dark synth, haunting harmonies and melancholy melodies will find this track addictive.

“I wrote these words after my Mum died – which was almost 5 years ago. She was just 57. I was by her side throughout her year-long end-of-life journey – from her initial seizures to her devastating diagnosis of grade 4 glioblastoma – the most deadly kind of brain tumour.”

The woman behind Erasing Grace, Anna Grace Du Noyer

Originally a poem, the artist describes the new song as a ‘death march’ that tells the story of months of palliative care and waiting for the inevitability of her Mum, Rachel’s, death – with the passing of seasons referenced in lines such as ‘Autumn threatens floods’ in the track – “It’s about the all-consuming limbo, of being on the periphery between life and death… almost oblivious to the horror that comes with the reality of their passing.”

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“The words in this song are very personal, and reference moments I experienced with my Mum in her final weeks. Right near the end, when she was delirious, she told me she needed to find a map and a boat as she was going on a journey… hence the final lyrics ‘And she sets sail, and the light guides’


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