Mixing emotive vocals with an avant-garde alt/pop production, Salomon delivers a stylish follow-up shrouded in a shadowy mystique.

With an early demo originally featured in ‘Complicity’ (2013), a US indie film which sees a seemingly innocuous teenage party spiral out of control, the track echoes similar themes of adolescent abandon; with the artist dwelling on the loss of innocence and the growing burdens of responsibility that ultimately comes with adulthood.

”Polka Dot” is about mourning innocence, and the darkness that’s picked up along the way, with an ‘up yours’ sarcastic tone, and not wanting to grow old.”

A bewitching brew of stormy percussive, sinewy sliding guitars and hex-like incantations, “Polka Dot” sees Fe Salomon working once again with esteemed classical arranger and maverick: Johnny Parry. The resultant record is one that blurs genre boundaries and defies simple categorisation, with the pair revealing that its outlandish arrangements were “birthed through a pair of orchestral bass drums coupled with the clang of an old washing machine”.

Teaming up once again with Director/Videographer Fraser Taylor (who also shot the “Superhuman” video),  “Polka Dot” is accompanied by an artful video that nods to the track’s dark coming-of-age ruminations. Taking inspiration from the works of Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama (who is notably renowned for her use of polka dots in many of her installations), the video flickers through surrealist choreography interspersed with real childhood images of Fe from the 80s & 90s that were cut from old home movies and family albums. Watch the video here

Fe Salomon is a singer-songwriter, performer and producer, currently based in the East Midlands. Born in Northampton, she moved to London where she cut her teeth on the bustling stages of the Camden music scene. Developing her act in the capital for over 13 years, it was there that Salomon honed her idiosyncratic sonic stylings from its melting pot of influences and began to percolate ideas for a solo career. 

Finding a kindred creative spirit in producer and contemporary classical composer Johnny Parry, together the pair have been working on her upcoming debut ‘Living Rooms’. A record which will tell stories of multiple lives lived and lost in the city, of friendships that meant everything and the characters you’ll never meet again, of transience and loneliness, and of getting by and moving on; it promises to be every bit as enrapturing and enigmatic as the artist at its core.