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DeLaurentis, the new leading French electronic music artist, announces her Bastille Day concert at Bastille Day Festival in New York, along with several upcoming releases.

Following the success of her album release UNICA last September, the electro-cinematic artist and composer DeLaurentis hasn’t stopped performing and creating.

Save the date, it’s a free show !

After performing all over France in 2021, at various festivals and in Los Angeles earlier this year, DeLaurentis was invited by the legendary electronic music icon, Joachim Garraud himself, at Summerstage Festival in New York,  to represent France on July 14, 2022. 

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The set will be composed of DeLaurentis repertoire, which includes songs from the Unica album as well as French covers that she revisits in her own way, including classics by Edith Piaf, Serge Gainsbourg, as well as her adaptation of Ravel’s “Boléro  taken from her EP Classical Variations released in 2019,  which revisits the themes of 19th century’s French classical music.

Save the date, it’s a free show !

Music by DeLaurentis has been featured in many national broadcast commercials, American television shows (“How to get away with Murder”,…), as well as special live performances (Issey Miyake 2020 fashion show…).  

Since the release of her album “Unica” in September 2021, DeLaurentis was featured in major publications worldwide, appeared on national television in her native France, and was invited by Ableton for masterclasses in the USA and Europe, becoming a reference in the electro-cinematic musical world and one of the few trained women musicians who represent technical music tools in this industry.

A new innovative 3D music video of DeLaurentis’s popular song Extra Lifesheds light on the awakening of digital consciousness through contemplative landscapes created by computers and artificial intelligence.


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