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I wanted to evoke the feeling of desperately trying to stay present on “Walking Feels Slow,” the new single taken from my latest album, Staying Mellow Blows, out on August 5th.

This track is about the little games we play with ourselves and mantras we repeat to prevent us from projecting or worrying about the past or future.

There’s manic energy in trying to slow down and enjoy each bite as if it’s the whole fruit – a sort of buzzing at a high frequency – that I wanted to embody and convey.

The combination of film and digital techniques used in the music video for “Walking Feels Slow,” directed by Ali Vanderkruyk, communicates the feeling of being caught between different ways of moving through the world: stopping and smelling the roses vs reckless, free barrelling-through.

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If each bite is new, is it still the same fruit? Can it be whole? Can each bite have the whole soul in it?

Through these words, I challenge myself to accept and exist in the liminal moments during bigger narratives in my life. “Walking Feels Slow” represents a dare to enjoy these moments as much as – or even more than – the beginnings and endings of projects or life events.


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