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This is Vancouver indie rock band Colour Tongues. Coming from a variety of influences and life journeys, the band has survived mountain blizzards, floods and car crash to bring you dreamy and high-energy nostalgic rock – taking you on a journey to the 1980s and back to the present, with a stop-off in the early 2000s. The fundamentals of the music combine elements of math and progressive rock with shoe-gaze indie pop.

“Midnight Island” was inspired by young love and early romance. The song brings the listener back to the days when they were discovering things for the first time – it’s that thrilling energy that comes with having your whole life ahead of you and literally anything is possible. We want the song to take you back there, but also to remind you that anything STILL is possible, and the energy of your youth never has to go away.

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Produced by Matt Di Pomponio, Midnight Island is a mix of early 2000s nostalgic, modern indie rock and indie dream pop and is inspired by the journey that is human relationships. Each song tells a story about a different stage or type of relationship that all of us have to go through – the blissful naivete of first love, the trials and tribulations of trying to make it work, the ultimate heartbreak, self-rediscovery, and the final realization that true love needs to start from within.


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