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Opening with the foreboding sound of stirring strings and ethereal vocals, the track builds with an insistent kick-drum thud and driving guitars. ‘She’s Borderline’ delivers a powerful, tense and gritty rock sound, the intensity is magnified via a rich commanding vocal which eloquently describes the beauty of the darkness.

The band said “we wanted this track to be powerful, with increasing intensity, and inhabited by a kind of heaviness and strange madness. The female vocals and the omnipresent beat come together to make a hypnotic but danceable sound. The song is about resisting physical pain, discomfort, and the need to break free from our Straitjackets.

They continued to talk about the video “We shot the video on a huge natural and unspoiled beach, far from the tourist bustle. This place was beautiful and paradoxically disturbing. We felt a kind of heaviness there… Exactly what we were looking for. We wanted it to exude aesthetic beauty as well as a disturbing feeling which we also mirrored through the body, through fight, through domination. The use of slow motion, drapes and colours underline the heaviness of the track’s subject.

Glossy Clouds are Jérôme Bralet (vocals and guitar), Hugo Merle (Drums) and their three female choristers. The duo were introduced by their respective girlfriends and immediately hit it off, a shared outlook and energy for music, art, photography and life were channelled into their songwriting and performances to create the unique collective ‘Glossy Clouds’. The result is not just a band, but a creative universe where inspired, anything-goes lawlessness is utterly riveting. The inseparable songwriting duo are outsiders looking in, effectively rock kids in a dance town. It’s this that binds them.

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‘Glossy Clouds’ have been supported online by the likes of Wonderland, Clash, This Feeling and The Most Radicalist to name but a few. A live showcase of all releases was performed at 229 London at the end of 2021. The performance aligned the band’s unique songwriting and visuals to craft a complete artistic statement and an electric, sexy glam atmosphere. Audiences were treated to custom-made costumes, wild stage moves and unlimited supplies of energy.

With music that captivates the listener from the outset, alongside a compelling glorious, unadorned, unpretentious thirst for self-expression, the future looks very bright for Glossy Clouds.

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