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Pop/R&B artist Helen delivers her latest offering, “Talk,” out now.

Following recent releases “Morals” and “Bitter Bitch” that collectively boast over 300k Spotify streams, the songstress explores the depths of her sound on “Talk,” settling into a darker, trap-infused styling that draws out and electrifies the feminine spirit. Imbued with unshakeable, all-knowing confidence throughout the track, Helen effortlessly invokes a vision of empowerment for listeners with each phrase.

Chilled-out vocals juxtaposed with poised lyricism and cutting instrumentation irrefutably capture Helen’s effortlessly self-assured disposition, demonstrating to listeners that embracing the divine feminine is an invaluable asset for any woman. Helen finds herself at the intersection of energies from some of modern music’s most iconic women like FKA Twigs and Doja Cat on “Talk.”

Having personally felt the widespread dismissive attitude that can often be dealt with towards women, “Talk” reassures any femme-identifying person being told to value complacency and humbleness that embracing self-actualization is not only an avenue to liberation, but is a human right; this track is just one layer of the many ways the “Talk” singer plans to deliver the message of female empowerment through her music.

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Helen reminisces on the creative process behind the track being full of excitement despite finalizing the project in a short period of time. The brevity of the writing and recording process for “Talk” speaks to the level of clarity Helen had for the empowering message she brings to light with the single. As an artist aiming to advocate for the power and value of femininity, “Talk” represents an authentic manifestation of Helen’s core purpose and identity as an artist. “Talk” came together through collaboration with producer Jamie McArdle who workshopped the track alongside Helen to craft the final version now heard by listeners. For Helen, she hopes anyone who listens to “Talk” feels encouraged to embrace self-confidence and empowerment.


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