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‘Holy Flesh’ draws us in from the outset, with haunting piano melodies and the artist’s rich alluring vocal.

The atmosphere builds with woozy electronics and finally explodes with an epic instrumental to striking effect, reminiscent of something akin to Nine Inch Nails.

Kate said about the single “‘’Holy Flesh’ is about the sanctity within the feminine and the rage felt when violence in words and actions are inflicted against a person when at the core they are a sacred being. It was written at a time when I felt ‘weak’ and undermined for showing emotion. For centuries, women have been made to feel like this and I wanted to write a song about that silent anger, which can often be left without anywhere to be released or placed within society. For the video concept. I wanted to create something similar to a Gothic Folk Horror short, using witchcraft and murder as the main themes.

PRIESTESS was formed in London by Kate Fleur Young. She then teamed up with producers James Mottershead, Jack Drewry and Oli Kilpatrick. It is a fluid and collaborative mix with Kate at the creative helm and heart. The vision of Priestess is to bring haunting melodies, harmonies and lyrics with a thread and feeling of hope that brightens the shade, to a backdrop of dark beats, bass and lush electronic landscapes. Priestess conjures up pictures of ancient esoteric energy of Nature is sprinkled with pop from the modern city. Their collective sound celebrates transformations, experiences, and self-expression through the ritual of music, with influences in artists pouring a deep sensuality and intuition into their electronic sounds – such as FKA Twigs, Fever Ray, Portishead, and Little Dragon.

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Support for PRIESTESS continues to gather pace. With plaudits coming in from the likes of CLASH, CMU, Get In Her Ears and M Magazine to name but a few, it’s clear that PRIESTESS is ready to stake her claim on the music scene with her powerful representation of dark electronic pop.


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