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As a songwriter and producer, Will Dailey has amassed over 20 million streams on Spotify of songs with rising stars such as NOTD, Kenzie, Mothica and Heather Sommer.

His own solo project, DALE, has received fanfare from music critics such as gems & secrets and received airplay on college radio. After graduating from NYU’s Clive Davis Institute in 2019, DALE won Songathon: a prestigious 24-hour songwriting competition sponsored by the New York City Mayor’s Office. He moved to Los Angeles in 2020 and began releasing music influenced by alternative acts such as The Cure, Tame Impala, Jon Bellion, and Weezer. His upcoming track “Treading Water” is the first in a line of singles that will culminate in a much-anticipated debut EP next year. But the journey hasn’t always been smooth. As DALE puts it,

“‘Treading Water’ is ultimately about struggling to find your way in your early-to-mid twenties; about the uncertainty that entails, the self-doubt, and the struggle to not only stay afloat at times but also know which way to swim.”

The coming-of-age alt-rock track was uniquely difficult to write. DALE adds, “I started writing ‘Treading Water’ around this time last year…it’s funny, some songs you write in like 20 minutes, but this one developed slowly over several months.

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Originally it was about an entirely different concept, but something about that wasn’t sitting right. So I scrapped my initial lyrics and just started writing about what had been eating at me for the better part of two years. The result was probably the most honest song I’ve ever written.”


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