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Getting closer to our strangest obsessions, letting them express themselves and see where they lead us, and recreating a phantasmagorical universe to lock them in, that’s what drives Tom Kidam’s project.

Based in Brussels, this former painter and multi-instrumentalist (inspired by David Sylvian, John Grant, Thom Yorke, PVT) compose pieces that never reveal their cards on first listen. His new 4-title EP “Separate” addresses isolation in its physical, surgical, mental and love forms. Isolation might give birth to the raw urges of individuals. The EP songs describe how they struggle to handle their pulsions in an evolving patriarchal society.

The first track “Saladin’s Wife” speaks about a woman’s initiative to brave dangers to join her beloved husband despite the rules of her time. Freshly released “Fury4” is an electro-pop song featuring a man (a monster) whose destructive desires are directed towards women whom he considers “objects of pleasure”. He identifies himself as Jack The Ripper.

His fantasy, horrible as it is, being here, a fragile ally allowing him to avoid the carnage. “Fury4”, or a piece of the life of a character without his own identity, looking for a model. He believes that the terror he will inspire in women will make him “a real man”.

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