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Staying in the limelight without releasing new music is often hard for hip-hop artists, but DMV powerhouse Marc Bravo has managed to do it.

After dropping season one of his Reality Show, Marc Bravo is back and better than ever with his new single “Eastside Wavy”. Eastside Wavy started as a new alias for Marc Bravo that used music to represent the waves of changes we face throughout life. One day at the Creative House studio, his producer JFKratez began playing the beat when Marc was in the bathroom. When Marc came out of the bathroom he looked at JFKratez and said this is the one.

This melodic beat is filled with the nirvana frequency Bravo loves to exude in his music. In the song, Marc’s message is to trust the motion you’ve built regardless of how long the rewards take. He uses lines like “Pop and mama knew I’d be the new thing, keep complaining, you goin’ need a roof later” to further prove his message that he was the expected fruit of his parent’s labour and to not burn bridges out of frustration when things aren’t going your way. 

“I released a song in one year which is his longest duration without dropping. This song “Eastside Wavy” for me means new beginnings and a rebirth since I’ve been through so many trials and tribulations this year. For my fans, I wants to represent love community and relate to them with whatever they are facing in life with inspiration. Being like water is to let the currents of life guide you where you belong. This track will spark the highly anticipated album I’ve been working on for the last two years. This is some of the best music I’ve ever made and I’m excited to roll this out!” – Marc Bravo.

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Marc has been growing a ton of buzz in the DMV. “Eastside Wavy” has set an atmosphere and standard for his peers to carry the energy of creativity & community. This has helped him build a camp of groundbreaking creatives that share his same level of passion. It’s been beyond fruitful for everyone involved. With life recently having its ups & downs, Marc has expressed this phase has taught him that life is all about compatibility. He hopes for his fans to find this track relatable to situations they’ve gone through or are currently going through. Gear up for Bravo Season!

If you don’t know Marc personally, let me introduce you. Meet Marc Bravo, the 25-year-old rapper, creative, and DMV icon. At 15, he began making music in a basement and at the time, his music wasn’t all that good. From the start of his career making music, one thing has remained consistent though, his ability to keep working and striving for greatness. As he continued to record music, his friends and family kept fueling his drive to succeed by reminding him of his potential, despite still figuring out his sound. Fast forward 3 years, Bravo signed to AMG music group where he released his debut album, “Allure” which has over 500,000 streams across all platforms.

While COVID impacted most artists’ careers, Bravo used it as a way to build his infrastructure and fine-tune his sound. To start 2021, Bravo created his own DMV-based reality show, Creative House, and went on his first independent tour up and down the East Coast. As the year ends, one thing is for certain. Bravo isn’t letting up and the fire that kept him going from the start still shines bright in him.


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