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Everyone probably knows it. The perfect moment, the perfect setting, the perfect time. Capturing these moments to preserve them forever in memory is probably every artistically inclined person’s great goal. Some achieve this visually in the form of paintings or photographs. Others try their hand at writing.

Like Elephants decided to record their unforgettable memories musically in their new album “Better Days”. Impressions of different life situations and journeys around the world to pack in songs to be able to evoke the associated feelings at any time inspired the musicians in the composition of the entire album. Always looking back with a certain melancholy, but at the same time full of anticipation for what is yet to come. Completely in the sense of the title “Better Days”.

The most beautiful things in life are often simple and spontaneous ones. So this philosophy was also followed when writing these ten songs. The use of spontaneous compositions and sometimes not one hundred per cent perfect one-take records often turned out to be the best and most authentic approach on this album. With this ease, the songs were written and later produced.

Elephants present themselves on “Better Days” in a grown sound, but at the same time, it also makes you think back to their carefree beginnings of making music.

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