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The Copenhagen-based songwriter is headed for new musical adventures with the release of the stunning folk-inspired single, ‘You Can Never Go Back’.

”You can try to live in the past. I’ve done that myself for way too long. Even though, if you could actually go back to a certain place and time in your life, you’re no longer the person you used to be.”

For the past couple of years, Mattis has been going through a personal transformation. And now the songwriter, who is known for an electronic soulful sound, is ready to live out his true self through his lyrics and a new organic sound that he introduces on the single, ‘You Can Never Go Back’.

”I became a dad for the first time, earlier this year – and what my daughter has taught me so far, is to live in the now. These days, she’s crawling around on the floor but before I know, she’s off to college. Having her right here has changed my focus in life upside down and I don’t wanna miss any second together with her,” Mattis says.

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Mattis is a former punk rocker well known on the Copenhagen underground art scene and quite impossible to miss with his staggering 6 feet 8 inches in height. He eventually hung up his studded leather jacket and adopted a more vulnerable and soulful sound fronted by his characteristic deep vibrato voice.

He debuted in 2017 with the critically acclaimed ‘Loverboy’ and soon Mattis was one of the most talked about new Danish artists hitting sites like Wonderland, DIY and The Huffington Post. His songs have also been featured in various movies and series like Shadowhunters (Netflix), Farang (SVT) and Greyzone (DR).

His past is glorious and now the future lies ahead…

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