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EUT continue to transcend sonic depths. The Dutch five-piece creates blissful, eternally youthful music that champions acceptance, authenticity and – most of all – buckets of fun.

The band is the brainchild of Megan de Klerk, a captivating vocalist whose lyrics dance around 90s-influenced guitar pop. Flowing between traditional genre boundaries with no fear, their unparalleled creativity saw the band thrive in their early days, using opposite takes as a driving force into a new era for alternative pop.

Now, the quintet are releasing the next single “Step By Step”, one of the first songs to be written for their upcoming album Be My Reactor, EUT’s first self-produced record. Liberated of deadlines and the whole touring lifestyle due to the Covid pandemic, the band could dig their heels deeper into their experimentalism. Sound-wise, the album has more in common with twilight than the bright, sun-kissed sceneries they courted before. With their new album, EUT soars with catharsis. They explain,

“On previous records, we might have wanted to dance our problems away lyrically and musically. But during the writing process of Be My Reactor, there were a lot of emotionally heavy moments that had to be placed in a song and didn’t deserve to be pushed into the background.”

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Within the album’s darker themes, the innate joy of reinventing the band’s sound and lyrical confrontation shines through. In an endless process of discovery, Guitarist/producer Emiel de Nennie explains, “We bought all kinds of synthesizers and I tried to teach myself how to write songs another way. That’s why this record sounds different because we were caught up in all these new instruments.” As a result of handling the recordings themselves, EUT assigned Adam ‘Atom’ Greenspan (Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Arcade Fire, Bloc Party) for additional mixing to create the unique sound for their next release.

EUT has always had a knack for summoning that elusive spark of alt-pop energy, and “Step By Step” is no exception. Blasting with euphoric synthesisers and sweeping melodies, their creative soundscape can be attributed to the band’s kaleidoscope of musical influences. Beck, Gorillaz and St. Vincent inspire the continuous reinvention that makes EUT so enthralling. Combined with compelling discourses surrounding depression, breakups, and closer friends with suicidal thoughts, they confide,

“On this record, we faced these subjects without fear and confronted them, and in doing so we have tried to break taboos for ourselves.”

Hoping to inspire their listeners to leave an old situation with confidence and trust in the “Step by Step” process, their latest endeavour is nothing short of extraordinary. Amounting millions of streams across their impressive repertoire to date, and humbling acclaim from the likes of CLASH, DIY and The Line of Best Fit, EUT prove that their limitless vibes and visionary exploration will take them to new heights. 2022 is shaping up to be a great year for the quintet.


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