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In a world where conformity often reigns, The Horn, London’s meteoric musical force, continues to blaze an untamed trail. Following the seismic impact of their anti-authority anthem ‘Another Way’, this audacious ensemble emerges once again, unleashing their sonic prowess through their second single of 2023 – the undeniably sublime ‘Too Many Moments’. Brace yourselves, for this isn’t just another track; it’s a revelation, a magnum opus sculpted by their collective ingenuity.

With every resonant chord, ‘Too Many Moments’ stands as a testament to The Horn’s artistic evolution. A symphony of brilliance woven by these musical virtuosos – led by the charismatic Jonny Taylor with his vocals that hold the promise of revolutions, Nick True’s basslines that groove with ethereal wisdom, Ed Cox’s synths that paint spectra of sound, Alex Moorse’s drums that forge rhythms like heartbeats of the cosmos, and Danny Monk’s guitar melodies that wind through the mind like serpentine tales.

Masterfully orchestrated by the legendary Danton Supple, the maestro behind Coldplay’s transcendent soundscapes, ‘Too Many Moments’ is more than a song; it’s an experience. Blending indie cadence, rock’s raw vigour, synths that sparkle like hidden constellations, and psychedelic textures that unravel the boundaries of time, the single defies categorization, offering a glimpse into a musical universe unbound by conventions.

Yet, as the melodies enrapture, the song’s lyrical depth beckons the soul. ‘Too Many Moments’ isn’t just a cascade of sounds; it’s a poignant reflection on existence’s relentless current, a mirror to the ceaseless torrent of obligations that shadow our lives. In a world where to-do lists stretch like infinity, this composition stands as an emancipation, a cathartic exhalation from the throes of everyday pressures that hold us captive. As Nick True so eloquently encapsulates, “In the cadence of this song, we find respite, a fleeting escape from the omnipresent rush.”

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The Horn has once again etched their narrative into the annals of music history with ‘Too Many Moments’. As they navigate the sonic realms, this single stands as a monument to their defiance of the ordinary, an emblem of their determination to carve melodies that resonate with the very core of the human experience. So, dear listeners, immerse yourselves in this opus, let it be the soundtrack to your rebellion against the mundane, and join The Horn in embracing the boundless artistry of existence.

Reflecting on the last year, it’s evident that The Horn has been anything but ordinary. From their electrifying debut EP, “Do It Now,” to a series of captivating singles, this audacious ensemble has painted their musical journey with strokes of triumph. Garnering praise from Notion, Atwood Magazine, and Louder Than War in the online realm, while also securing nods from the broader mainstream media giants ITV, BT Sport, and Talksport, The Horn has become a beacon of unapologetic expression. Their ascent has been a masterclass in combining attitude, ambition, and a brazen disregard for authority.

In the heart of their sonic tapestry, The Horn’s signature is undeniably Britpop-infused indie-rock that crackles with both fervour and frustration. Woven intricately into their sonic fabric are hedonistic vignettes of London’s life, cautionary tales of metamorphosis into adulthood, and a vehement refusal to be shackled by regulations, self-doubt, or figures of authority. Yet, beneath these tales lies a profound narrative layer. At its core, the band deftly orchestrates an intergenerational dance – a connection forged between Nick and Jonny, two members separated by decades but united by a shared spirit. The resonance they create shatters ageism’s grip on the industry. Through their art, The Horn adamantly asserts that age is but a fleeting digit, consistently steering listeners toward the eternal realm of human experience.

The Horn’s lineup reads like a symphony of personalities: the bassist and wordsmith, Nick True, crafting stories that intertwine with Danny Monk’s multi-instrumental prowess; Jonny Taylor, the enigmatic singer and guitarist; Ed Cox, conjuring ethereal soundscapes on the keys; and Alex Moorse, the rhythmic anchor behind the drum kit. Each note they craft, each lyric they deliver, is a testament to their fusion of distinct talents that coalesce into a sound that defies norms.

In a world where the cacophony of conformity often drowns out the voice of individuality, The Horn stands as a sonic firebrand, channelling the essence of rebellion and unity. Their saga, marked by the debut EP’s brilliance and the scintillating singles, propels them beyond the confines of mere music-making. They are architects of a sonic revolution, carving their path with unwavering audacity.

As the chords of their melodies reverberate, we’re reminded that the essence of artistry transcends temporal bounds, and The Horn orchestrates this reminder masterfully.

Live Dates
18th Nov – Corn Exchange, Cambridge
20th Nov – Exeter Uni, Exeter
21st Nov – O2 Academy, Leicester
23rd Nov – O2 Academy, Leeds
24th Nov – O2 Academy, Sheffield
25th Nov – O2 Academy, Birmingham
27th Nov – Roadmender, Northampton
28th Nov – Norwich UAE, Norwich
29th Nov – Guildford G Live, Guildford
1st Dec – O2 Academy, Bournemouth
2nd Dec – Roundhouse, London


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