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Exciting new artist ‘Nat’ layers rhythmic glitz-pop sound follows a common theme – pursuing dreams until the bitter end.

Her confidence and vision are infectious and feel easy on this track. Produced by BabyBoyBlue, Nat’s larger-than-life vocals in DREAM FUEL take centre stage as she recounts the origins of her goal to make it in the music industry. “DREAM FUEL” is released one year after Nat’s debut album, Please Enjoy My Growing Pains last fall.

With soulful and slow-burning hits like “hell & back”, to feel good bops like “pocket change”, Please Enjoy My Growing Pains gave fans a raw and unfiltered look at the facets of growing up, young love, and the expected pains that go with it. These growing pains have propelled Nat and her music forward into a new era of self-advocation and manifestation.

“I started taking songwriting more seriously when I realized I could implement manifestation within my lyrics”, Nat writes in one of her TikTok videos. “For me, it’s like writing in a journal, only better, because now when someone sings along to my song, not only are they manifesting for me, but also for themselves.”

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Nat’s music is heavily steeped in the idea of manifestation and using inner strength to work towards your dreams, no matter how lofty they may seem. PJ and DREAM FUEL can be found on Nat’s next highly anticipated album, TWENTYTWO, set to be released this upcoming winter.


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