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In a rather usual and at the same time undefinable pattern, the life of Spyreas Sid took a dark shift in the last few (idle for all of us) years, leading the vocalist to leave behind once and for all his past with previous bands (Cyanna and Cyanna Mercury) and create the necessary space for his standalone creative self to exist.

Assuming the persona of I am Not as the main character, he put all the effort into the composition, arrangement and recording of ‘The Grand Design’, while being completely at peace with the futility that encapsulates all artistic endeavour.

The global perspective with a distinct flair of locality is the spirit of this vocal-oriented, contemporary rock album, which has a variety of norms, moods and sentiments flowing through the songs, to accurately transcribe the driving force behind it. With a delicate combination of urban folk, extrovert Americana and recurring eastern Mediterranean psychedelic time signatures, the ‘Grand Design’ manifests itself as the work of a singer/songwriter who picks up bits and pieces from the expressional ways of Paul Weller, Ian Astbury and Jim Morrison, bound together with instrumental work that resonates with the bands behind Marcus King, Altın Gün and Nick Cave.

Overall, a record of meaningful, laid-back, soulful performances with an attitude of self-exploring and a never-escaping bleakness in between uplifting and spiritual orchestration.

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